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giugno 2023

What to pack for your summer holidays in the mountains

It's business as usual, only two days to go on holiday in the mountains and the suitcases aren't ready yet!
"Did I forget something?" "What do you think, does the whole wardrobe fit in the suitcase?"
To help you out, we have compiled a list of clothes and accessories that you absolutely must pack:🧳
Trekking e passeggiate Yuri Chechi Dolomiti Paganella
In the mountains in summer, the temperatures are very variable: we wake up in the morning with the intense blue of the sky and the sun kissing our foreheads, but in the afternoon things may change, close to the Dolomites the first clouds laden with rain begin to appear and the temperatures start to get a little chilly. Many times the thunderstorm is passing, but you should not be caught unprepared.
We advise you to dress onion-skinny and your suitcase should not be without
- comfortable long and short trousers for walking, hiking and outdoor activities;
- short- and long-sleeved cotton T-shirts;
- Two/three sweatshirts or jumpers for cloudy days and evening walks;
- a down jacket/jacket for rain;
- a heavier down jacket/jacket;
- we also recommend some technical socks for hiking; your feet will thank you;
- two tank tops, should the days be too windy;
- a hat for the sun and for the little ones a cotton cap for evenings in the open air;
- some nice clothes for evening walks and events at the convention centre or hotel.


Dolomiti di Brenta dalla Paganella

OK, off we go! But that feeling of having forgotten a little something always remains..
Let's try to list here some accessories that would be useful to always carry with you:
- comfortable and roomy backpack for hiking (better if breathable);
- water bottle, never to be missed!
- sunglasses, partly for utility, partly for good luck...
- sun cream: even if it doesn't seem like it, the sun is hot in the mountains and even if there is that breeze that makes you feel good and not suffer from the heat, we still recommend that you slather yourself with sun cream;
- we also recommend trekking poles, which are very useful for hiking in the mountains, especially downhill (if you don't have them at home, you can stock up in the many specialised shops in the area)
- camera (or free up some memory on your mobile phone);
- phone charger, otherwise how can you tag us!!!? Follow us and tag us @andalodolomiti
- first aid kit with definitely some disinfectant wipes and a few plasters and some generic medicines if needed (but don't worry, here in Andalo there is a well-stocked pharmacy!).

3. SHOES 🥾

Paganella in estate trekking famiglia

Whatever, this is always a sore point, you would like to carry all kinds of shoes, but they take up too much space.
The important thing is to have with you:
- Hiking shoes/shoes with grip soles to tackle hiking and walking in peace;
- Comfortable casual shoes for outings to the park, meadows and evenings.
- If you plan to be hot, open shoes for warmer days.
- If you are planning a dinner or romantic evening, we also recommend dress shoes :-)

We feel like saying that we probably forgot something too, but we are sure that you will be able to find everything you need here in Andalo.

Have a good trip, we look forward to seeing you this summer ☀

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