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Meet the museums of Trentino

Workshops and activities to get to know the Trentino Museums.

Every Thursday morning a special appointment with the Trentino museums to learn about science, history, art and culture in Trentino in a fun and active way.

From 20 June to 12 September 2024

Differentiated proposals aimed at children and families. The workshops are conducted by museum educators specialised in teaching art, science, history, anthropology and ethnography.
A method based on dialogue and active involvement learning by doing - learning through doing and workshop experience - will be used.
Workshops in collaboration with:
METS - Trentino Ethnographic Museum of San Michele
MUSE - Trento Science Museum
MART - Museum of Contemporary Art of Rovereto
Italian War History Museum of Rovereto

METS - Let's play like we used to
20 June 2024
In the era of 3D video games and artificial intelligence, the METS - Trentino Ethnographic Museum San Michele re-proposes the games that grandparents and great-grandparents used to play, emphasising playful activities that are poor in materials but rich in developing basic skills such as coordination, agility, logic and inventiveness, which once allowed people to socialise in courtyards or village squares. In the workshop that concludes the activity, each child creates a small multicoloured spinning top.
MUSE - The Messy Astronaut
27 June and 12 September 2024
The little astronaut Rigel has arrived on Earth in his spaceship but now he doesn't know how to get home. Let's help him find his way, with paper, scissors and a bit of imagination! The Messy Astronaut is a children's activity consisting of telling a story and making a simple guide to objects in the Solar System, with a rhyming rhyme.
War Museum - Let's build a castle together!
04 July 2024
Do you know what a castle looks like? How many rooms can it have? How big is it? Who lived in it? Armed with paper and cardboard, pencils and scissors, each boy and girl will build their own paper castle, which can become the setting for a thousand adventures.
MART - The Futurist Herbarium
11 July and 29 August 2024
The stylised and colourful forms of Fortunato Depero's ‘Magic Flora’ and Giacomo Balla's sculptures inspire the construction of a modern herbarium. We will create a booklet with transparent pages that allow an interplay of overlays, a pocket to store a flower or leaf, and a surprise page with a pop-up construction.
MUSE - A fairytale prehistory
18 July - 22 August 2024
A short story will introduce the children to prehistory: through the manipulation of different types of artefacts, they will discover how the ancient prehistoric hunters lived and, with the help of natural materials, they will make necklaces, bracelets and paintings.
War Museum - Stories of Fantastic Animals
25 July 2024
Only princesses and princes live in castles - are you sure about that? We will discover that there are also many dragons roaming in the towers and tunnels, all different from each other! A story about discovering everything but everything there is to know about dragons and other fantastic animals that have left traces of their passage in castles.
MUSE - The Sorcerer's Ingredients
01 August 2024
Fireworks, crystals and magic powders: from breakfast to New Year's Eve dinners, we will discover how particular objects, which in nature have perfect shapes and bright colours, keep us company every day. A workshop full of experiments to get to know the wonderful world of minerals.
MUSE - Full of fruit
08 August 2024
Games and sensory experiences to explore the botanical world of fruit. Why is an aubergine a fruit? Are all apples the same? We learn with real fruit to classify according to the main morphological and organoleptic characteristics using all the senses and discovering local and exotic fruits. Biodiversity in the kitchen, seasonality, but also the importance of a healthy diet will be the leitmotif of the activity.

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