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22. August - 21.15 Andalo Life park

Theatre of the feet

Veronica Gonzalez is an eclectic artist who engages the audience from the moment she enters the stage.

Theatre, puppets, music

Through Teatro dei Piedi, Veronica manages to combine her great passions: theatre, puppets, music, gestural language and spontaneous communication with the audience.

It is not usual to see a solo woman fill the stage with such grace and freshness, creating bizarre characters from different parts of her body: hands, feet, arms, legs and above all head and heart at the service of an inimitable art that entertains and excites young and old.

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The Dolomiti Paganella Guest Card gives holders many discounts and reductions across the whole of the Paganella area, in Andalo, Molveno and Fai della Paganella.

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Thinking about winter already?

Between skiing weeks, weekends on the snow and Christmas markets, Andalo and the entire Paganella Plateau are one of the most beautiful winter destinations in Italy. Skiarea Paganella awaits you with perfectly groomed slopes, an incredible Winter Park for children and many activities and excursions even for non-skiers!


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