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15 July - 9.15 p.m. palacongressi Andalo

Frogs, frogs, spells and messes

Rossella is a 'witch', a bit of a witch and a bit of a fairy, but also very absent-minded and very forgetful.
Her speciality is telling magical stories, with fantastic characters and settings.

So here is the story of Betty and Prince Gottfredo who, because of a spell, will turn into a frog and a frog, and will need the help of many friends and the audience to solve this very complicated spell and get to the happy ending. With the help of some illusionist tricks and a skilful use of stagecraft, the story will evolve between castles and swamps, introducing funny characters and unravelling adventures and twists

It's here! Here comes the "witchy" Scarlett, a bit of a witch and a bit of a ... fairy, who will take you to a castle.... in a swamp.... among princesses who turn into frogs and frogs who turn into princes.

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15 July - 9.15 p.m. palacongressi Andalo

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Tra settimane bianche, weekend sulla neve e mercatini di Natale, Andalo e tutto l'Altopiano della Paganella sono una delle mete invernali più belle d'Italia. La Skiarea Paganella ti aspetta con piste perfettamente innevate, un Winter Park incredibile per i bambini e tante attività ed escursioni anche per chi non scia!


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